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Does the perfect body recomposition workout exist? What you need to know

Find out about our our thoughts and tips on what we think is the best body recomposition workout.

Maintaining Your Physique Through the Lockdown and Beyond

Consulting the habits of successful weight loss maintainers gives us an understanding of how we can go about maintaining our weight in even the most dire of circumstances.

3 Training Strategies for Bigger Arms

This topic doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s rare to find a serious lifter who’s satisfied with his current level of arm development. When things are going well, the arms are one of the most fun body parts to train. But there’s nothing worse than when you reach a plateau. Below are a few […]

German Body Composition Training for Maximum Muscle

Training for maximum muscle building? You need to try German Body Composition Training

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Training for Maximum Muscle

If you want to build maximum muscle in the gym there are 7 mistakes you should avoid

3 Best Workouts for Building a Huge Upper Back

Want to build a big upper back? These 3 tough workouts help smash training plateaus and get you bigger and stronger

3 Training Strategies for Big Quads

If you want to build big quad muscles you need to try these 3 workout training strategies

20 Ways to Train for Maximum Muscle

Try these 20 techniques to build strength, pack on muscle and add the intensity you need to see real gains in the gym

3 Training Strategies for Maximum Muscle on Shoulders

Building muscle on your shoulders can be tough - so try these three workout strategies for training your delts

3 Workout Strategies to Build a Bigger, Stronger Chest

Everyone wants a bigger, stronger chest - here are some foolproof strategies to finally develop a one

10 Muscle Building Tips You’ve (Probably) Overlooked

Trying to build more muscle? You might have overlooked these 10 tips that will help your muscle gaining goals.

7 Common Muscle Building Myths You Need to Stop Believing

If you want to build muscle and train for maximum hypertrophy there are some things you need to stop doing right now

Squat (and Curl) to Get Bigger Arms?

How many times have you heard that if you want bigger arms, you need to chain yourself to a squat rack?

Pros & Cons of Bodyweight Training for Building Muscle

How much muscle can you build with exercises like press-ups, pull-ups, squats and dips? We find out here...

5 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle

Are you training but not seeing any muscle gain? Learn how you can build muscle the correct way, and gain results!

Antagonistic Supersets for More Muscles in Less Time

Want more muscle in less time? Try the time-efficient antagonist superset workout made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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