Our Gym Set Up & Management

The Ultimate Performance team has over 25 years of experience in setting up and running gyms both in London and in Europe. Because of this our industry contacts and ability to source equipment to meet a wide variety of budgets and requirements are unparalleled. One key way in which we differ from others who offer this service is that we have done this on numerous occasions with our own money, and as we all know nothing gives a better incentive to strike the right deal and forge appropriate long lasting, trusted relationships than when your own money is at stake.

In order to assist clients with their gym set ups we are well placed to do the following:

• Advise upon the best type of gym and equipment you need for your stated goals. What a corporate soccer team may require is very different from a gym that should cater for a more eclectic, mixed user group.

• Advise upon the best type of gym and equipment for your budget. We are experts in sourcing reconditioned equipment that really is as good as new yet comes at substantially reduced prices.

• Advise upon what will work best given the confines of your gym space. This is an often underestimated component of gym management, and there are both exercise logic and health and safety considerations to be taken into account.

• Ensure the continued smooth running and safety of the gym with regular maintenance check ups.

• Provide expert tuition, either via one off inductions or through ongoing personal training (both at the individual one to one and group level).

Running an effective and safe gym is neither as hard, not as difficult as many would have us believe. It does however require some experience and knowledge of how to get the best out of the process. Contact us today at [email protected] in order to learn more.  



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