Why I Use Poliquin Supplements

Why I Use Poliquin Supplements

By Nick Mitchell

Poliquin supplements are a staple of our London personal training practice.  Despite there being literally thousands of other companies to choose from, many of whom would allow us a substantially higher mark up and profit, I estimate that over 95% of what we stock on our shelves is a supplement from Poliquin Performance.  I am not, despite certain internet speculation, Charles Poliquin’s lovechild, and I like a pound note and a dollar bill at least as much as the next man, so why the dangerous over reliance on one brand, it doesn’t really make sense in this world of global choice.

The answers are profoundly simple and, for me at least, starkly obvious:

Poliquin Supplements Are Quality Supplements

In an age when we are pretty skeptical of every grandiose claim, and every label is treated with suspicion, I like to be comfortable knowing that the supplements I take are 100% what they say they are, and are made from the best quality materials with no scrimping and saving on production values.  I know where the Poliquin supplements are sourced from  – laboratories and manufacturing facilities that produce the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world.  This means that they are quite often produced on a smaller scale, and can therefore be more expensive, but what would you rather put in your body, a Tesco economy pack frozen burger or a piece of grass-fed sirloin?  I personally don’t believe in budgeting when it comes to my health or the health of my family, all of whom, including my son Roman, use Poliquin supplements on a daily basis.

Charles Poliquin Does Not Put His Name To Crap

I am in the fortunate position to know Charles Poliquin personally.  He is an extremely intelligent, highly analytical, success driven, muscle bound bookworm who has spent the last 30 years carving out his name as the most iconic coaching figure in the world of Strength & Conditioning.  He really is the guy who has forgotten far more than you can ever know.  He would never risk his lifetime’s work by putting out anything less than the highest quality products.  The rigourous care and attention to detail that goes into the Poliquin supplement line is mindblowing and a privilege to have observed at close quarters.  So my trust and faith is of the highest order.

Poliquin Supplements Are Highly Specific In Their Application

A long time ago the most popular supplement in the world of bodybuilding (bodybuilders pioneered modern sports nutrition supplementation by the way) was called Hot Stuff.  It was a cornucopia of every available nutritional product all rolled into one tub of powder.  The argument was that you took this and had the benefit of 100s of different “boosters”.  With hindsight this looks like a pretty weak argument, but for a while Hot Stuff sold like crazy all over the world, netting the smart marketers behind the product (you really could not dignify them with the description of scientists / supplement experts) a fortune that is still probably keeping them in the lap of luxury over 2 decades later.

Hot Stuff was not really all that hot, and what is now abundantly clear is that a nutritional supplementation protocol needs to be as specific as possible to the individual user.  This is one of the reasons why BioSignature Modulation* works so well as an assessment tool – it is specifically tailored to the individual’s unique biochemistry.  The Poliquin supplement line was designed, and is continually updated (and sometimes bewilderingly so – so yes, it is incumbent upon practitioners to work hard to stay on top of the ongoing innovations and advancements) with BioSignature principles in mind.  By way of example, there is not just one product to deal with estrogen detoxification, there must be almost a dozen! Given that there are three different types of estrogen, and different pathways for its elimination, this is far from overkill and is the smart and effective way to get results.

*Please note, these articles on BioSignature Modulation are maintained for historical interest and no longer reflect our current practices. We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.

Poliquin Supplements Work!!

I have heard all the objections to supplements many times over.

Poliquin supplements are too expensive!” (Granted, we don’t stock Poliquin whey protein as I feel it is just that bit too expensive, but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in life)

Poliquin supplements are confusing to use!” (In a way this is a good thing.  Find me one supplement that claims to address a hundred goals and I will find you a long streak of BS. Specificity is the name of the game and this is where the Poliquin supplement range excels beyond all others)

Supplements don’t work if you eat healthy food!” (yeah…and if you truly believe that the quality of modern food matches the nutritional requirements of modern life then you need to do some serious research into the rise of cancers and, quite possibly, obesity)

I could write long and detailed essays against any anti-supplement stance, but the strongest, and for me by far the most valid, argument in favour of Poliquin supplements is that they produce results.  It is that plan and simple.  If you don’t believe me then take a peak at the photos below – Poliquin supplements played a role in the results of each and every one of their results.


Glenn used Fenuplex and Insulinomics amongst other Poliquin supplements during his spectacular 15 week transformation

poliquin-female-supplementsEmmy used Poliquin fish oil as part of her insulin protocol


Tariq relied on Poliquin BCAAs to fuel the intense workouts that helped his remarkable 12 week transformation



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