Testosterone & Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

For years we have been frightened to be men… testosterone has been cursed as the thing that will inevitably kill us either slowly (prostate cancer), or quickly (road rage / temper tantrums and heart attacks). Yet I have always had a sneaky feeling that the pariah status of testosterone was highly exaggerated. In my opinion testosterone is a key component in maintaining our youthful zest for life, as well as enabling us to maintain muscle mass (with all it’s myriad of positive metabolic and endocrine benefits) and a healthy sex drive (something which must NEVER be underestimated for both our physical and mental well being). Moreover it has long been my observation that those men over 40 years of age (give or take) who have undergone some form of testosterone replacement therapy have had immeasurably improved quality of lives from every conceivable angle – physically, sexually and mentally.

Click here for an article from Reuters which should go some way to reassuring those considering male hormone replacement therapy that the previously mooted dangers have been wildly exaggerated.



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