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Transformation Tips: The 1 Best Tip For An Amazing Body

What does it really take to achieve a jaw-dropping body transformation? What are the secrets that help ordinary clients get extraordinary results at Ultimate Performance? Ten successful UP clients share the one game-changing tip, trick or piece of advice that made the biggest difference and helped them get in the best shape of their lives… […]

Jessica’s Training Diaries: Weeks 5 – 9

I’ve just finished my eighth week of training at U.P. Manchester and I’m ready for Christmas, I’ll tell you that for free. I’ll let you in on a little secret: meal-prepping is the devil. They don’t tell you quite how much tupperware you’ll go through and how many hours you’ll spend slaving away behind a […]

The Diet Changes Behind Kevin McHale’s 12-Week Transformation

Glee Star Kevin McHale built an incredible body in 12 weeks with Ultimate Performance Los Angeles personal trainers. Kevin, who played wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams in Emmy-winning comedy Glee, is almost unrecognisable from his on-screen alias after losing 7lbs of fat and adding 5lbs of lean muscle. But his astonishing transformation wouldn’t have been possible without […]

U.P. Training Diaries: Cath Tyldesley talks hormones, dieting and training during her period

Keeping Hormones on the UP! Wombs… the almighty power of being a woman. But also an almighty pain in the ass (or vagina, if you will). Ever since I can remember, my periods and hormones have been slightly ‘Jekyll & Hyde’. They’ve definitely made up their own rules since I had my son Alfie. I’m […]

My Entire Body Shape has Changed: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 20

I now know that every session I do at Ultimate Performance is going to be challenging, but I am in the mindset where I can go in, focus and be able to switch off from work stress and worries while I am training. Even if you arrive at the gym with loads of thoughts buzzing […]

Best Tips For Staying in Shape While Travelling: U.P. Client of the Month Tips

Staying in shape while travelling for work or away on holiday can feel like an impossible task.   Normal routines go out of the window, healthy food is harder to find, and temptation is everywhere from the airport bar to the hotel buffet. But travelling doesn’t have to dent your progress and there are some […]

My Diet Plan is Very Different Now to How I Used to Eat: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 19

My eating plan is now very different to what it used to be before I started my training at U.P. and started using the amazing EatUP delivery food service. I used to skip breakfast, and my first meal would often not be until 12 noon or even 1pm, at which point I would normally order […]

Kevin McHale’s Blog: I actually have abs now!

The past couple of weeks have been extra difficult, but not because of U.P. I had a stomach bug and I unexpectedly had to leave town for a little bit, which means I was going to have to hold myself accountable for my own training and diet. Yikes! Up until I had to leave Los […]

I’ve been ‘bigger’, I’ve been an athlete, but I’ve never been ‘shredded’: Dani’s LA Training Blog Week 1

Everyone has their own motivation for going to the gym, whether it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, for better health, or simply to set a good example for their children. My main motivation? I like being strong, and I’m competitive. That hasn’t always been the case. I’ve been ‘bigger’ in the past and it made me […]

I already have the best body of my life after 6 weeks: Kevin McHale’s Transformation Blog

https://ultimateperformance.com/personal-trainer/los-angeles/I’m almost halfway through my 12-week program and to say things have changed would be a gross understatement. Just seven weeks ago, I was at the tail end of a horrible stomach virus when I went in to meet with Eddie, my future trainer at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles. Physically, I was coming off a […]

10 Biggest Body Transformation Lessons from UP Clients

It’s always the little things that can make a big difference to your life – particularly when it comes to getting a better body. There’s no magic to the incredible body transformations we have helped thousands of clients achieve at Ultimate Performance – just simple changes anyone can make. Some of our successful clients have […]

What Happened When I Tracked My Food for 365 Days

It’s been a whole 365 days since I started keeping a food diary and tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. To most of my friends, logging every meal I have eaten over the past year sounds like absolute lunacy. Maybe it is, but it really works! Multiple studies have shown that dieters who keep a food […]

How I Stayed On Track With My Diet While Travelling: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 12

This week was the hardest week so far of my transformation. My schedule is starting to get busy for the summer, and I was working at the Eurovision Song Contest for a week for the BBC in Portugal doing some of the TV coverage. I did not have the discipline of EatUP meals, and I […]

The Benefits of Weight Training I Didn’t Know: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 10

What I’m finding as I continue this plan is that I need consistency, and that’s something that has been lacking in my everyday life. This has changed how I view my workouts, and how they’re as important as any radio show, interview or meeting. I have never been a person to wake up early (now […]

I am the Strongest and Leanest I’ve Ever Been: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 11

Imagine not having to worry about your diet anymore. Imagine not having to worry what to do when you step foot in a gym. Imagine not having to worry whether you’ll look good in the dress you’re trying on in the shop. This is where I’m at now 11 weeks into my online transformation at […]

10 Tips For Eating Out on a Transformation: UP Client Tips

Can you eat out at a restaurant and still stay on track with your body transformation diet? This is one question most of our clients at Ultimate Performance face at some point during their transformation journey. But you don’t have to cancel every dinner engagement or social occasion – it’s just a question of being […]

Looking My Best In My Wedding Dress: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 10

I’ve learned so many lessons during this 12-week body transformation at U.P. But the one thing that’s really been incredible is becoming more in-tune with my body. I now understand my body, I know which foods fuel it best, I know how to train to sculpt it the way I want, and I intuitively know […]

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