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Post-Pregnancy Fitness Q&A with Gemma Atkinson & Her U.P. Personal Trainer

Former Emmerdale actress and Strictly Come Dancing Star Gemma answers questions on her training and diet alongside her Ultimate Performance personal trainer

Gemma and Gorka’s Trainer ‘Evil Steve’ Talks About Their Training and Diet: Holiday Training Blog

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez have been training hard for the past six weeks to get in the best shape possible for their summer holiday. Actress and radio presenter Gemma has been blogging her progress at Ultimate Performance Manchester alongside partner and Strictly Come Dancing co-star Gorka. But as the pair finish their couples’ holiday […]

Not letting stress and weight gain get on top of us: Week 5

Week 5 again training-wise was tough because we couldn’t actually get into the Ultimate Performance Manchester gym as often as we wanted. We had to rely mostly on clean food and squeezing in cardio at home. I have my radio job, travelling to London, and my dog Norman going back and forth to the vet […]

I’m Starting to See My Abs and It Feels Fantastic: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 17

One of the main things I’ve learned from my time at U.P. is that even though I was ‘going to the gym’ before, I was training without a plan. I have always lacked motivation at the gym, and I always found that I was doing the same thing over and over again and not making progress. […]

Food is King! I’m Feeling Leaner and Fitter: Holiday Training Blog

Training was difficult in Week 3. I was on mum duties because Norman, one of our dogs, broke his leg while he was out walking. He’s fine now – he’s currently hobbling about wearing his cone of shame, but with him having surgery and being unable to be left alone, we couldn’t make it into […]

Doing a Bit of Cardio for Weight Loss Just Won’t Cut It: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 16

A transformation at U.P. is much bigger than what happens when you step on the scales, or when you start lifting heavier weights – It will change the way you see your body, and as a result, you’ll find you are much kinder to yourself. The feeling after doing a training session at U.P. is […]

Having a healthy body image and self-confidence is infectious! Scott Mills’ Blog Week 15

I’ve reached a point where going to U.P. is part of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m trying to fit in four workouts a week at U.P. which is hard because my work hours move around so much and no two days are the same. Sean and James, my U.P. […]

My Body Has Responded Quickly To Weight Training After Putting on Fat: Holiday Training Blog

Since completing my last transformation with Ultimate Performance, I’ve kept up most of the good habits with regards to training – however, I’ve allowed myself a less strict routine with food. When working towards a timeframe of 12 weeks, it’s much easier to maintain as you know it’ll be coming to an end, but I […]

Training to Look our Best on the Beach: Holiday Training Blog

Like most people, myself and Gorka want to feel and look our best when on holiday. Knowing most of it will be spent in bikinis and swim shorts, it’s nice to feel comfortable. Goal wise, it is more mental-based than physical, to be honest. Gorka is already in good shape and I feel okay too. […]

Food Doesn’t Control My Life Anymore: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 11

This body transformation challenge with U.P. has massively impacted the way I view food and training. The two simply MUST work hand in hand. Before starting with U.P., I did two sessions a week with a trainer, and I thought that was probably enough. But now I know that isn’t enough. I would constantly moan […]

My 12 Best Wedding Body Transformation Tips: Sarah’s Wedding Blog Week 12

I have reached the end of my 12-week online transformation with Ultimate Performance and it’s an amazing feeling. I feel proud of how far I have come and how much I have achieved in such a short time. My goal was to get in the best shape of my life for my wedding day. I […]

Seeing Muscle Definition Makes You Feel Like Superwoman! Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 9

There is no better feeling than feeling strong. That’s why I love weight training. Doing this training program has made me fall back in love with lifting weights. I’ve got to the point where I’m enjoying it so much and feeling so strong, that I want to do more. I’m looking forward to every session […]

This Is the One Diet I’ve Tried That Has Made a Big Difference: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 8

It’s fair to say this process has really made me enjoy exercise again, and I’m now quite enjoying the routine of my meal plan/exercise sessions at U.P. I think when it’s done I will actually miss it. I never thought I would be saying that! I’m definitely stronger and leaner, and I am getting better […]

‘I’ve Not Been This Happy With My Body For Years’: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 7

It’s fair to say I am loving the results of my journey with Ultimate Performance. People are really noticing and being very kind on photos I put on Instagram, with the most popular comment saying that I’m looking lean. I’m now in medium t-shirts and jumpers, and my waistline has shrunk. I’ve not been this […]

I’ve Got Abs Without Doing a Single Sit-Up: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 7

Seven weeks in and I’ve got abs! It’s a really satisfying personal milestone. The scales say I’ve lost 5kg and the calipers show I’ve lost a third of my body fat so far – that’s great progress, but those are just numbers. The real benefits of doing a transformation like this are how you look […]

How I’m Staying On Track With My Diet: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 6

This is the first week I’ve felt quite tired on the programme. But I’m committed to getting my weight down, and I’m not giving up now. There’s been a lot of chop and change with my work hours lately which hasn’t helped, and I can’t stress how important getting enough sleep is when you’re doing […]

How I Stay Motivated When Things Get Tough: Sarah’s Wedding Transformation Week 6

It’s so important to listen to your body and know when to take a breather. It’s so easy to do too much and burn yourself out – especially if you’re running around at 100mph balancing training, a career and being a parent. Sometimes you’ve got to listen to what your body is saying and take […]

My Body is Changing and I Feel Leaner: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 4

Another week begins and I’m really starting to enjoy the comments I’m getting from people. Colleagues at Radio 1 are starting to say I look good/different/better and are starting to ask me how I’ve done it as I’m not making a big deal of it really. I want to get on with this quietly and […]

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